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Day 23 - Solutions

norman06:12:39 part 2 from part1 took under 2 minutes, including the 15s it took to run. Clojure definitely made that part easy

Miķelis Vindavs09:12:19

It took me half an hour to finally understand that the moves need to be rotated after each round :man-facepalming::skin-tone-2:


@U051HUZLD like your idea to group elves by propose while making them, then you don’t need freqs

👍 2
Callum Oakley11:12:21 I was wondering when we would get the annual game of life puzzle 🙂


@U01HL2S0X71 I believe tomorrow 🙂

Callum Oakley11:12:40

ah I thought this might have been it. it's arguably "in the spirit of it" even if there's no multiplication 😅

Miķelis Vindavs14:12:01

i did the main part of resolving move conflicts using group-by + mapcat