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Announcing HOP (, an open source #devops tool for Clojure(Script) developers. HOP is an opinionated yet flexible RAD platform and a tool for easily deploying to the cloud (AWS for now, on premises and other public clouds in the pipeline). We have created a #hop channel for any questions and feedback. We have leveraged this platform at for years for our own projects so we hope it’s useful for the community! Tutorial link:

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serioga14:12:13 β€” first public release of new library

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serioga14:12:49 β€” first public release of new library

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serioga14:12:09 version 1.0.2 as a replacement of previously announced zizzmap

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:12:07 v0.9.0 8c93e0c, available as both git dep and Maven artifact β€’ Add macro β€’ java-command, compile-clj - TBUILD-34 - Use Clojure CLI logic in finding Java executable β€’ Switch to tools.deps 0.16.1264

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Looks a lot like deps.clj :)


I meant the CLI logic ;)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:12:20

that's what I meant too :)

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borkdude20:12:28 execute Clojure(Script) directly from browser script tags via SCI! v0.5.13 (2022-12-23) β€’ Fix reagent with-let macro with advanced compiled builds β€’ Upgrade promesa and shadow-cljs β€’ Fix #queue literal β€’ SCI: performance improvements Channel #scittle

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