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Can I ask how react-native developers keep their sanity? I was just wrapping up a code here. Found a component, with basically no documentation - only code examples from the official site. Tried that, worked, called it a day. Then, I needed to change the onChange a little bit, to validate the input.... ...and, I got errors. Weird, strange errors. After a HUGE AMOUNT of time debugging, I found the problem: the onChange got triggered twice for every letter I typed - one with an Event object, and a second time with the actual text that was typed...... 😱


I only hear about these things second-hand, as I've never done development in a browser myself, but couldn't your question be generalized to "how do developers targeting browsers keep their sanity?"


All frontend development is incredibly insane, sure... but after I worked a little bit with browsers and mobile, I feel mobile is even worse. There's a ton of stuff that doesn't work well together, there are deprecations all over the place, you basically have to keep at least 3 different languages (Kotlin or Java, Swift or ObjectiveC, and Javascript for react-native), there are literal same behaviors on iOS and Android that are coded differently to work...


@U3Y18N0UC I'm a little bit late to the discussion, but the last moment I worked with frontend was with the old Rails stack, when the applications where simple enough that just enhancing progressively the html generated by the backend was enough. I have been pushed in subtle ways to enter in this field, but I always refuse, and with the disappearance of the old fullstack role, at least as I known it. I'm thinking about other ways to work as a backend beyond working with APIs. Data Engineering, Devops, what more?


Honestly, I like what reagent does. I remember problems with the old Rails where there was not guide at all on how to actually solve HTML problems when we had to update only fragments of the UI and everything. But the problem for me is how React was able to become this... weird thing...

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Reagent is the state of art of what react should be