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cider On the gloomiest of days (the Winter solstice) I'm happy to bring a ray of light and a bit joy to you with the release of CIDER 1.6 ("Buenos Aires")! Our first release in 4 months is packed with many cool improvements (see and is dedicated to my favorite city in South America and all my Argentinian friends! :flag-ar: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ πŸ† cider

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Minor update to level configuration for Clojure CLI, providing a wide range of community tools. * :project/deps-new alias to create projects using [seancorfield/deps-new]( - project readme suggests using deps-new as a tool, although with this alias default (Edit: :exec-args ) are added so clojure -T:project/deps-new will create a playground project * :lib/clerk alias for data science note books [nextjournal/clerk]( - include this alias when starting the REPL to kickstart data science experiments

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:12:29

do you mean :exec-args ?


Yes, I do... oops... I'll edit that bit for posterity. I guess I got :main-opts and :exec-args jumbled up somewhere between brain and keyboard πŸ™‚


πŸŽ„ Announcing, a WIP implementation of using the cross-platform desktop UI framework #humbleui and Clojure. πŸŽ„ Currently, all but the 7th GUI is complete 😩 I started this awhile ago, then lost steam working on the cells GUI, and decided for the holidays to button it up a bit and release it publicly in its unfinished form, as it could still be useful to others. Huge thanks to @tonsky for building & maintaining HumbleUI thanks2 it's so much fun to have a super simple desktop UI framework at the ends of my REPL

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some pictures


looks great!


looking for a project to try it out ... πŸ™‚


That’s awesome! Especially grid! :)


the grid is very naive. just a bunch of textfields nestled together πŸ˜›


@U4YGF4NGM So cool! Confirms it works on command line on M1 macOS (had to brew upgrade clojure ), and was able to get a REPL running in Cursive the same way as any other project. (Which given the instructions on getting CIDER running, makes me question whether I know how REPLs actually work, since I didn't do any of that?) It never gets old seeing how code changes can be loaded in the REPL, and see the UI changes right away. Wonderful wonderful work! (You, too, @tonsky! πŸ˜‚). It's the first time I've run a HumbleUI app, let alone made changes to one. (If all goes well, later this afternoon, I'll submit a PR to fix an issue in gui-2 where exceptions are thrown in some states, when converting strings to numbers.) (I have to admit, I was so excited that I spent some time thinking about how to try getting a spreadsheet gui-7 working β€”Β I searched for other code examples to parse the cell formulas. A question: Would any changes be needed to the text field widget to support two modes: viewing the calculated formula vs. editing the formula?)

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PS: the apps all look so beautiful!


glad you got it up and running so easily! the instructions are more verbose than they are involved. perhaps adding the steps you use for cursive would help others in the future? I can merge the instructions into


Two PRs open for your consideration, @U4YGF4NGM!


πŸŽ…:skin-tone-2: Announcing, an extremely Simple:tm: library for declaratively creating & updating web pages in ClojureScript. πŸŽ…:skin-tone-2: It wraps Google's extremely stable library, which uses no long-lived virtual DOM. -- When hacking on some dev tooling recently, I found myself wishing for a dependency-light way to build small applications that was somewhere between raw DOM manipulation and a framework like React. Google's incremental-dom seemed to provide just enough functionality for me to quickly build something interactive while still being very light in terms of code. I know that people have in the past showed interest in "non-React" libraries for building UI in CLJS. I hope it gives people some food for thought!

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FYI there is also which may or may not serve the same purpose.


the major difference is that there is no persistent VDOM used in town.lilac/dom, which is equivalent to saying there is no component model. you just have functions that are used to generate patches to the DOM. dumdom brings in snabbdom which, while it says is an implementation detail, does mean that it adopts the way looking at the world through the lens of components. there is a persistent "identity" that each rendered component has on the page which it uses to determine certain behavior of the diffing process. in general I think the component model is incredibly useful. I think that React's latest & upcoming changes are really taking the VDOM/component model to its obvious ends, integrating it end to end with each concern of building a web UI. sometimes I just want to twiddle some stuff on a web page though, and that's what incremental-dom is really good at and what town.lilac/dom aims to serve


This seems like a nicer approach to building landing pages with ClojureScript, such as I will take this for a spin in the new year, thank you.


> I found myself wishing for a dependency-light way to build small applications that was somewhere between raw DOM manipulation and a framework like React. This is me right now. Thanks @U4YGF4NGM for doing this! I'm dipping my pinky back into the DOM-soup after a long time and I extremely do not want react (unless I absolutely need it), so I was going to run with dommy (code seems "done"). But incremental-dom may be just what I didn't know I wanted.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:12:38 1.0.1 β€’ MATCH-129 - fix syntax error using string literal with a / in it

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