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Postmortem 0.5.1 is out! This release is a minor update that includes a fix for an override warning that occurs on Clojure 1.11.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:06:05

Clojure CLI is now available ā€¢ clj -Ttools install-latest - change git tag sorting and version filtering to better find the "latest" released version of a tool. In general, typical semver numbering style A.B.C or on git vA.B.C will work best. Tags/versions containing "alpha", "beta", "milestone", "SNAPSHOT", etc will be filtered out. Docs not yet updated. ā€¢ clj -Ttools install-latest - you can now omit all args to update all installed tools to the latest versions

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Jacob O'Bryant18:06:13

I'm making the first public release of Platypub, a blogging + newsletter tool (sort of in the same wheelhouse as wordpress, ghost, substack etc). It's built with, and the theme system uses Babashka by default for rendering websites and emails. It's still in quite an early state, but I'm releasing it now because one of the main purposes of building Platypub was so that there'd be an open-source, non-toy project that people can contribute to/read the source code of to help them learn Biff. Going forward I'm planning to encourage others to tackle some of while I provide direction/code review/pair programming/etc. If that sounds like fun at all, come join the #biff channel!

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