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When using CIDER on a Mac (OSX 12) I am unable to evaluate top-level expressions using cider-eval-defun-at-point within a (comment ,,,) expression, the comment expression is evaluated, even though clojure-toplevel-inside-comment-form is set to t (tried in 3 different places) Howerver, the same CIDER version 1.5.0-snapshot (package 20220531.616) on Linux allows for evaluating top-level forms in comments. I wonder what could be causing the difference in behaviour (and how to diagnose it)


I’ve checked the value with describe-variable

clojure-toplevel-inside-comment-form is a variable defined in 'clojure-mode.el'.

Its value is t
Original value was nil 


It works with me on whatever the last version of osx is and CIDER 1.5.0-snapshot (package: )


I have an outdated cider-nrepl though (v0.26.0)


see if you can upgrade clojure-mode?