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borkdude08:06:23, a linter for Clojure code that sparks joy v2022.06.22: new :discouraged-namespace linter. See Thanks to the amazing @delaguardo New macOS aarch64 (M1-compatible) binary (brew formula updated!) • fix invalid arity warning for sequence with map multi-arity transducer • fix false positive warning for recur not in tail position with core.async alt!! fix recur arity for defrecord, deftype and definterface make unsorted namespaces linter case-insensitive • suppress redundant do in .cljc for just one language Channel: #clj-kondo

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@U0NCTKEV8 will be pleased about a couple of those fixes! 🙂

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Initial release of — a cljfx wrapper of efficient javafx virtual flow implementation that is similar to list view 🙂

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DartClojure micro release. Highlights: - updated global (core) vars, to avoid adding alias-prefix (follow up this; - use .- for fields; do now wrap with braces methods with no params (follow up this;

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We encourage library maintainers to use #releases for small/frequent release announcements and to try to keep this channel #announcements for major releases, no more than about once per month.

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You already posted a DartClojure release here two days ago.


clojure-lsp Released 2022.06.22-14.09.50 with mainly fixes for consistency and become a even more reliable tool! Main highlights: We have a new linter 🎉 integrating with, quite useful for projects with a ns stucture stanrdard that should be followed, kudos to @contato794 for the help! We fixed a bug introduced some releases ago where clojure-lsp could consider target/resources folders as source-paths making find-definition and other features go to those files Now, clean-ns move reader conditionals to top following other tools Finally, clojure-lsp should detect changes on files outside editor, like git branch changes, doesn't need to restart the LSP process anymore We now have Mac M1 native binary thanks to @borkdude’s help! Thanks for all contributors and sponsors which just help on making clojure-lsp a better tool each release! gratitude For more details, check #lsp

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