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Will K.14:06:33

Hi all, Will here, new to software development ( bootcamp + self study) with a focus on Frontend development. Keen on functional programming and Clojure seems to be the best answer to my search: - practical functional language - can be used in the Frontend .. Now it is a matter of learning :) Many thanks in advanced for my many future trademarked noob questions :)

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Welcome! I think you'll also appreciate the ”it is fun” aspect of Clojure.

Will K.00:06:31

I see ...I see ...Have I ever told you of the many headaches I had yesterday with Calva on my Visual Studio code ? Have I : ) ? hmm I guess I did not! Oh Man! Where were you when I was being made fun of by "Calva" ? It kept on refusing to evaluate my "beautiful" code: (+ 1 3) , finally on a lark decided to start a new project and connect it to the same repl ...finally worked! I appreciate your coming forward and implicitly volunteering to assist me with any "non -fun" and Calva related issues ....LOL

Will K.00:06:30

First time on here, and nowadays humor can easily be just making sure that you know that I was just joking! Though I did have issues with Calva yesterday...still the whole thing was just banter :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: ...and thanks for the welcome 👍


No worries! In #calva we are a bunch of people battling with the tooling together. It makes it more fun. 😃