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Drew Verlee15:06:52

How do i view which version of the npm package the cljsjs version is using? I had thought cljsjs libraries would try to use the same version number but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Drew Verlee15:06:09

For instance my version of cljsjs/clipboard is 1.5.9-0 and now sense were migrating to shadow-cljs i want to use the equivalent original package version that this cljsjs wrapper referenced. I'm looking at the github repo for the cljsjs package and it's not easy to search because all cljsjs packages are bundled together.

Drew Verlee15:06:35

yea, it seems you just have to search the git history for the build.boot file to see how versions matched.

Drew Verlee15:06:15

it seems there was a convention around appending a suffix to the npm package versions like "-<N>" to make the cljsjs eqv version, where N was some number. no idea why.