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v0.1.14 of for packaging deps.edn projects into docker/oci container images - • help from @olymk2 on an example that demonstrates a

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Daniel Jomphe14:05:17

Nice to see you continue developing jibbit. We almost started using it the other day but finally we didn't need to go the docker route for this specific project... Do you people still offer a product for our CI to e.g. run static checks on our clojure repos? Your new product (vulnerability scanning) seems to have eclipsed your (potentially) previous product.


Hey @U0514DPR7 - thanks, ya, the underlying product still supports adding custom github checks to github repos. We just really needed to start pulling in vulnerability data so we that we could start offering workload protection and remediation automation (for example: only pull images built from a commit that has passed these checks AND does not introduce new vulnerabilities). So it might have looked like we shifted away from the CI checks; although I would say it was more that we were being pulled towards other checks on artifacts further to the right (but still correlated back to the commit of course). Same principle though. Building artifacts and verifying artifacts should be separate concerns.

Daniel Jomphe18:05:48

Ok so if I create an account and add a repo for vulnerability checking, I should still see the old catalog of e.g. Atomist Actions (or whatever was their name) that were marketed as competitive and more productive than GitHub Actions?


Ya, that's right Daniel. Feel free to DM me as well - I can give you more details.

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I wrote a small, self-contained, and reasonably efficient—i.e. it uses transducers—library for doing TF-IDF calculations and a bit of stuff on top of that: If you’re interested in NLP, data science, or if you perhaps need to index documents for search this might be interesting to you?

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Nice! Any performance rough estimates? Eg memory consumption / retrieval time etc? We have an Elasticsearch transition coming up but I'm keen to see if we can use our own algorithms for some things, to gain some flexibility.


Sorry, no real stats, but it's probably not possible to get much leaner memorywise while using Clojure's own data structures and its core functions. I guess the mathematics could possible be optimised using primitive operators, but I'm not interested in that kind of performance tuning for now.


SCI v0.3.5 - Clojure/Script interpreter • support *print-dup* destructuring in protocol impl not working • allow property access on vars in CLJS • Add ->Eduction • Expose print-err-fn in SCI core API • add :name metadata via helper functions and use metadata for var names • Improve error reporting for let* and try Improve instance member call parity with Clojure/JVM • Default *read-eval* / sci/read-eval to false • Expose all-ns and find-ns in sci/core • Fix for copy-ns when var has no metadata • Add add-class and add-import API functions in sci/coresci.async: EXPERIMENTAL namespace for async evaluation in CLJS / #sci

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clojure-lsp Released clojure-lsp • Decreased uncached startup time by 60-70%! • Improved completion performance • Support sorting classes inside package imports during clean-ns • Improve progress report both on editor and CLI using new clj-kondo callback feature • Rename namespace and all references when renaming a clojure file For more information, check #lsp This release was supported by clojurists-together gratitude

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Noah Bogart14:05:05

60-70% is wild! nicely done to everyone involved

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Cora (she/her)14:05:27

omg the last bullet!!!

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Noah Bogart14:05:35

wow yeah, i missed that last bullet, that's a game changer

Cora (she/her)14:05:04

i need to find how to use it


It should work out of the box on all editors that support workspace/willRenameFiles @U02N27RK69K, this was introduced on Emacs's lsp-mode some weeks ago, Calva should already have that


@UKFSJSM38 I'm curious what the numbers 12.35.40 in the version means, is this the time of release?

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Cora (she/her)14:05:26

that's so rad!!


Very nice 👏 my clj-refactor usage will be biting the dust soon, with those refactoring and clean-up improvements.

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