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babashka fs 0.1.5, a file system utility library (not only for babashka but also for Clojure JVM) is out with this time, mainly Windows improvements!

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oxalorg (Mitesh)12:05:15

Introducing reitit-jaatya - a static site generator which will take any existing dynamic site which uses Ring and Reitit and 🥶 FREEZE 🥶 it into a bunch of static pages! This way it's easy to convert back and forth between static/dynamic versions depending on your use case. You aren't locked into any one approach and you get FULL REPL'able development experience! (More benefits of this approach in the README) TL;DR of how it works: it walks through the reitit routes and fakes HTTP requests to the ring handler. It can also understand parameter/slug based dynamic routes by providing a simple function which returns a sequence of route params (example in readme) We're already using this on a bunch of production websites. and are also powered by reitit-jaatya :dancer:

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oxalorg (Mitesh)12:05:50

We've also continued the tradition of the fine folks at Metosin and named the library with a Finnish word 🙂 > reitit means routes and jäätyä means freeze


Awesome, both lib & name! awesome

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Announcing Papillon, an interceptor library for Clojure(Script). We are using it at work in production, but publishing it as a Preview version for community feedback in the goal of stability that the Clojure ecosystem is known for.

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this was the 1st time i heard about the clojure.core.async.impl.protocols/ReadPort. are there any articles, which provide some more explanation about it? the definition of it is not very verbose. i think it wasn't mentioned in rich hickeys talk about the internals of core.async either.


I don’t recall. Not sure if it was a talk, post, or just digging into the source of core.async to understand how it works.

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CIDER 1.4 ("Kyiv") is out! See for details.

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Handy new commands! Thank you!


CIDER inspires me!