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LSP :: Connected to [clojure-lsp:28775/starting].
LSP :: clojure-lsp has exited (bus error (core dumped))
Server clojure-lsp:28775/starting exited with status signal(check corresponding stderr buffer for details). Do you want to restart it? (y or n) n
how do I resolve the above message ?


Seems like clojure-lsp is crashing. My first guess would be an old install of clojure-lsp on the operating system execution PATH On a Unix system which clojure-lsp in a terminal should help you find it I typically let Emacs download the LSP server, there is also an update command.

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In case you want to install via any other way:


Its a new installation of emacs and spacemacs (using he excellent practicalli config from @jr0cket)