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I extracted data inspector from my other more complex projects and created a simple easy-to-use standalone gui data inspection module

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:05:00

Nice! Excuse my ignorance but how does it compare to Portal and reveal?


Sorry, I didn't use Portal and can't compare. As for Reveal, I touched it long time ago and also may not be accurate for current state of it. Maybe it some users of both can compare and share their impressions? Btw Reveal is a whole cycle visual repl, and my module is only inspector, and may be called from any repl, including Reveal itself 😉


Typed Clojure 1.0.28: New fn type syntax, check unrolled fns

[t/Int :+ :-> Foo] ;; for 1 or more t/Int arguments
[t/Int :? :-> Foo] ;; for 0 or 1 t/Int arguments
(fn ([a] ...) ([a & bs] ...)) ;; check with [t/Int :* :-> Foo]

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Hey, can you provide an example using malli?


hmm, I'm looking for an example with anonymous functions (using malli)


oh! that hasn't been implemented yet. you'd need to embed malli schemas inside types. let me think it over.

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Actually could you explain more what you mean so I'm sure?


Something like this:

(defn test
  {:malli/schema [:=> [:cat :int] :int]}
  (let [my-fn  (fn
                 {:malli/schema [:=> [:cat [:string]] :int]}
                 (inc hi))]
    (my-fn hello)))


yes, exactly. thanks! is there a malli macro that provides this kind of syntax? perhaps we can analyze that instead.


eg., I know schema has schema.core/fn


Couldn't find one.


Hey, y'all! @borkdude finally prodded me enough to get my babashka-compatible port of Cognitect's aws-api into good enough shape that I'm not too terribly embarrassed to release it: babashka Kick the tires, and let me know how it goes! Aw, yeah!

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