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Situations when you can sit together with the learner of Clojure is much different from when they are supposed to find material and run tutorials on their own. Last Friday I spent 2 hours introducing a colleague to Clojure. A proficient Scala developer, in the immutability camp. He screen shared and fired up Calva's Getting Started REPL. But we broke us out of its path almost immediatelly. Almost the first thing I taught him was ”inline def” to debug a simple function. It was all we ever got to do during the full session. And it was amazing. His questions took us to • the Clojure Reader • special forms • force remove parens with alt+backspace • but better to learn to paredit slurp (no more alt+backspace during the rest of the session) • Clojure code is data • macros • expanding macros • quoting Clojure code • what does the namespace look like? • removing things from the namespace • binding things in the namespace • local scope • binding local scope to the namespace makes it available to the REPL • the cond macro expands to if forms in a recursive way • the comment macro just has en empty body • special forms and macros can't be passed as arguments • expand-macro is fun • ... and so on and so forth I heard him giggle several times when the REPL let him know about things he wondered. We both had the best end of Friday workday ever.

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This also illustrates the importance of having a teacher, mentorship, and meeting the learner where they are. The individual learner’s prior knowledge and experience (or lack thereof) is the most powerful tool for a skilled teacher.


Indeed. This student brought a few things to the session. He is extremely positive and cheerful, one of the most curious people I have met (even myself included), defaults to benevolent interpretation, super quick to learn, not afraid to ask. I also think he quite likes me. 😃 Haha, might seem irrelevant, but it is good to start a session like that on that footing.

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Yeah, aptitude, attitude, and expectation are critical preconditions for success. The best teacher in the world can’t accomplish much if the learner does not participate constructively and has the cognitive faculties required to understand the material.


Tilton's Law: "Social drives engineering." Were 🍻 involved at all?


Haha, @U0PUGPSFR, I was not under the influence. Maybe my colleague was smoking something, idk, that giggle.... Haha, no, I guess we didn't make it a Friday night until after we had parted. 😃


I had missed this playlist. Wonderful pace. A bit Zen 😀

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