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Hi everyone ! I'm a Clojure newbie from Belgium ; I've gone through the (magnificent) Brave Clojure book, and just started reading "Web Development With Clojure". I've also been using codewars to try to familiarize myself with the basics. I've been working as a developer for 10 years, started with a touch of C# and continued with mostly Java & Spring on the backend, with a touch of frontend technologies here and there (Angular & React for the most part lately, jQuery and others before that). Clojure has definitely rekindled my interest in programming, it (so far) seems to address my daily frustrations with the ever changing frontend world, and the ever lasting problems with (my xp with) OO (ORM complexity, data objects and mappings, hidden side effects, etc). The more I learn, the more I like ! The biggest difficulty so far is adopting a different mindset to solving problems, and my complete lack of knowledge of the common "idioms" in Clojure. I'm open to questions if you're curious, and all suggestions are welcome !

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hey, if u want to have some coding practice and to compare your code with others or also get mentored, exercism is a great place.


oh great, thanks! I don't think I cam across this one previously, will check it out

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Hello, I'm Andrey. Working with Clojure/Clojurescript during last 5 years and was not so active participant of Clojurians Slack Community, used it mainly for asking some questions once a year šŸ™‚ Maybe now finally it is time to introduce myself and try to be more active participant. What can I offer to community: ā€¢ make livestreams with online demo on programming and Clojure related topics: from theoretical basics and implementation of SKI-combinators calculus up to more practical related ones like leaky abstractions - when -> and ->> are not semantically equals to as-> and so on. I have a little youtube channel with some of my streams (in Russian) , and ready to make some of them again in English ā€¢ introduce, present and describe in details some of my Clojure related projects (maybe also in livestreams or podcasts with live screensharing & realtime feedback). I implemented my own VSCode plugin for Clojure, editor-agnostic Clojure debugger, GUI data inspector and some other projects, partially sharing on my github ā€¢ also I'm open to discuss any activity & collaboration initiated by you, which I may not mentioned above. From non-commercial ones, up to remote job discussion (I'm looking for it now) Fell free to ask any questions & start a conversation either here in thread or DM. Especially if you are interested in the topics I described above šŸ™‚

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