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I'm trying to debug some html, I have some spacing that I want rid off. Anyone know a way to make dev tools show me padding / margin as shaded a different colour or something ?


When you hover over an element in devtools, padding and margin are highlighted in different colors. Pretty much in all cases, that's more than enough for me.


oh so it does! thanks


god, html and css are just awful


Heheh, yeah. It's a very counter-intuitive system with a lot of special cases. Sometimes it feels, like it's 90% special cases and 10% something reasonable.

Drew Verlee16:05:21

You want to use css grid for as much as you can


Or it’s little brother flex.


unfortunately working on an old legacy system and its all laid out with html tables


The bit I was trying to change was a table, that had one row, and that row had 2 cells. And each cell contained a table.


Tables all the way down

Ngoc Khuat16:05:24

I just found this looks very interesting. Does anybody here read them?

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So why did we name #joyride like we did? It was partly because I was feeling extra joyful. It was pure joy to see that we were creating a tool for rapid VS Code scripting in Clojure. Clojure is joy to me. And I was also feeling joy because I had managed to just drop my bad habit of drinking alcohol and that that was so easy to do. Then @borkdude, king of naming as he is, suggested that we were actually letting people Joyride VS Code. And there it is. It's a great name I think!

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Regarding my drinking habit. Some two years or so ago, I was cutting down significantly on alcohol. (I mentioned it when interviewed for #defnpodcast, actually.) That was great! But gradually I picked it up again, and some months ago I was back at the old levels. A glass of white wine while cooking dinner, a glass of red eating dinner, a beer or a whiskey during the evening. Nothing crazy, really. Expensive maybe, because I do like fine wine and fancy Bourbons. What bothered me was that I couldn't make keep the two year old decision to only allow myself the enjoyment on weekends. Then some month and a half ago, something interesting. I was feeling a bit under the weather a Friday night and didn't have anything to drink, cooking, eating or afterwards. I woke up the next morning and realized I had been sleeping unusually well. That intrigued me. I decided to try Saturday as well. Same. Sunday, same, after a few days of this I decided I had enough data. Alcohol was interfering with my sleep! I enjoyed sleeping well so much that I have made the trade. No more fine wines, hoppy IPAs or fancy Bourbons for me. And it is not even hard. I still have the reflex to have a drink, but just pick sparkling water instead. I guess I am very lucky for not having acquired an addiction. Yes, you can say congrats!. And yes, you can ask me about this. Here or in DM.

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Congrats! I also made the switch several years ago and also noticed improved sleep :) I now enjoy alcohol free beer, it tastes different but when you find the right one for you, it can be quite tasty too. And you can still "fit in" in drinking companies somehow, e.g. on conferences. I tried an alcoholic beer a few years ago after not having any alcohol for a while, and that tasted strange to me, I didn't enjoy alcohol anymore, while I've had quite a few of those earlier in life :).

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Congrats @U0ETXRFEW! Well done!

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Cora (she/her)18:05:07

congrats!! NA beers are great, too, btw. I still drink on occasion but in the summer I get for just enjoying without dealing with inebriation and they're so gooooood. I don't know if you can get them there but if you can I highly recommend it

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Cora (she/her)18:05:28

it's like a hoppy sparkling water, zero calories, and not bitter

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I guess I'll have to try find it here!

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Geoffrey Gaillard20:05:14

Congrats! I'm not addicted but have habits. 100% agree about sleep. Homemade ginger beer and fruit kefir helps me a lot. It's low in sugar, easy to make, sparkling, cheap, and two batches never taste the same. Recognizing addiction from habits is essential. I recommend everyone to learn a bit about the neurological aspect of addiction. Freeing oneself from guilt is important.

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