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Drew Verlee15:05:09

Curious to here ppls thoughts on this


I'm torn on this. I see the performance argument. If the browser is going to block rendering anyways, maybe inlining makes sense. But the purist in me really likes keeping things separate. Maybe at some point in the future it will be popular to have an app that browses the web without JS and CSS and then sites that have done this inlining will be especially odd to us (hooray progressive enhancement!) My ultimate takeaway is the Clojure community could use better tools for delivering minimal CSS for just what is needed per page render.

Drew Verlee12:05:12

@U0CPPPNRE in the video i believe they are talking about using a style tag to hold all the css, to avoid having to fetch the css file. It's just about performance. I thought he was talking about using the style attribute vs using css classes and style sheet. Which is intriguing because i think 1. css class are hard to compose because they are strings 2. Css class names are usually bad because the name isn't the goal, it's just a reference so the style sheet can pick it up. It's like if we didn't have anonymous functions.