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Eastwood - code linter - Eastwood turns 10 years! Celebrating with compatibility with the upcoming Clojure 1.11 release.

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Joshua Suskalo21:01:18 version 0.3.298 is released! • Added a function for standard C-style layout rules with padding to add to structs • Fixed a bug with characters being read as UTF-16 instead of ASCII code points coffi is a Foreign Function Interface for Clojure on JDK 17 that's designed to make C-wrapper libraries easy to write and feel like native Clojure libraries.

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Congrats! > And then adding `"org.suskalo/coffi"` to the `:config-paths` key in your `.clj-kondo/config.edn` file. This part is no longer needed since the last clj-kondo.

Joshua Suskalo21:01:18

Oh awesome, thanks!