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Hey all! Notion to MD is a working release of the tool that the team at Flexiana built to automate synchrony between Notion and Readme files. But one can broaden the use case list indefinitely. Like backing up Notion data locally. As well as syncing Org files with Notion. Or moving data between Notion and any other service/location there is. The list goes on!

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Announcing calcite-clj . A small library to allow writing Apache Calcite adapters in Clojure. Calcite is a relational algebra library that can expose any data source as SQL. It's used for data federation. There is an example if you are curious how sample code looks: .

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This looks fun 🙂 what was the main movitation behind it? Also, out of curiosity. have you taken a look at XTDB's Calcite->Datalog implementation before? (I'm sure it could make use of a few of the tricks you discovered!)


hi, a personal project - trying to implement OFBiz entity engine on top of Calcite - perhaps even use it at work. I did not know about that. I was thinking about implementing datalog on top of Calcite - seems it's not such a crazy idea. Don't see a lof of docs around that module. Can it be used outside xtdb ?

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Found something . Will check it out when I have some time

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> Can it be used outside xtdb ? Not currently, it can only be used to query data that has been indexed (via Datalog)


> I was thinking about implementing datalog on top of Calcite - seems it's not such a crazy idea. Absolutely! There seems to be quite a bit of interest in that these days, e.g. (note that the readme says "In the future we plan to support more SQL dialects and engines")

Adam Helins23:01:24

Dear friends, I prepared this POC which aims to transcribe the Clojure ecosystem in a knowledge graph powered by Logseq: It is currently poor in content since this is only a crude prototype demoing the key ideas. It aims to offer visibility and discoverability of the Clojure ecosystem, libraries and miscellaneous tools. A powerful way of having a glimpse at the state of the ecosystem, how projects and libraries are related, linked, all of this complemented by a powerful search engine. Please, follow the "About" section and related links which explain what it is, how it works, and how it differs from previous attempts. Feedback welcome! I think it has the potential to evolve into a really powerful tool for Clojure devs if it becomes community-driven 🙂 Also an awesome opportunity to learn Logseq if you are not familiar with it. Attention, it may change your life.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)07:01:21

Awesome! So Logseq is like Royal our Athens but with (better?) task management and built - in querying and query -> view capabilities?

Adam Helins08:01:52

Athens is also a good bidirectional note taking app to recommend, without a doubt. It is less feature-rich but has a very good story for collaboration (within a team for instance). I picked Logseq because a Git based collaboration is well-suited for that kind of project and indeed, it has extra features that makes it perfect IMO for that kind of use case.

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this is pretty damn cool, @UCFG3SDFV!

An Vu19:01:08

Logseq!!! ❤️