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Jacob Emcken15:01:18

Is it possible and if possible is there a recommended way to fully use in Reagent? I found headlessui-reagent which supposedly provides reagent wrappers, but exactly why I should use it is not clear to me. I would prefer not to add yet another dependency without understanding what benefits it gives me. Also I guess that would have to wait for headlessui-reagent everytime a new version of Headless UI gets out. I am very inexperienced in frontend (both JS and cljs), but Headless UI seems to be really cool.


i use it without the reagent wrapper, no issues with it.

Jacob Emcken20:01:21

do you have an example or two to show off... I can't seem to figure out how to use stuff like "render props" (`active`) with i.e. the Listbox.Option

Mitul Shah20:01:10

We had trouble using Headless UI on our cljs project as well so now using which has a lot more components and flexibility

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