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Phillip Mates11:01:49

hey, I'm thinking about adding functionality to jump around the log buffer more easily: • jump to bottom of log from whatever window you're in. To prevent the HUD from going without having to switch into the log and do G • jump to top of latest evaluation results. To allow one to not have to manually scroll back up to fully read the results of the last thing you evaluated in the repl. Does something like this already exist? Anyone have suggestions or comments on such ideas?


These would be useful. I find myself doing a log reset to solve the first problem.


On the second one, it would be great to have a couple navigation bindings in the log buffer itself to go up and down (first/prev/next/last result)

Phillip Mates12:01:00

I implemented the second point, but without any generic nav bindings, though I like the idea

Phillip Mates11:01:56

I'm also interested in tools that might help navigate large stacktraces that are printed to the log buffer. Things like autofolding exceptions or shortcuts to jump to next/prev exception. I know CIDER has some stuff like this but I'm not very familiar with them (or CIDER). Has anyone thought about how conjure could help with clojure's large stacktraces?