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Pulling my hair out again. Can't find anything about this error anywhere.

;; ClojureScript REPL type: figwheel-main
;; ClojureScript REPL init form: (do (require 'figwheel.main) (figwheel.main/start :dev))
[Figwheel] Validating figwheel-main.edn
[Figwheel] figwheel-main.edn is valid \(ツ)/
Execution error (NullPointerException) at$Builder/setClosurePrimitiveNames (
Null closurePrimitiveNames


This appears to be an Emacs issue. This was happening with a project so I dropped back to a minimal figwheel-main project, and am still getting the error.


I've axed everything in .lein/profiles.clj, so I know that's not the problem this time.


I say it appears to be an emacs issue because there's no error displayed when starting from the CLI with lein fig:build -- --build dev --repl


But when launching that way, the browser hangs when attempting to go to localhost:9500 in the browser. So there may be something else going on.


I'm at the end of my tether, here, as everything was working swimmingly before I left for vacation, and I didn't change anything meanwhile. So it's something to do with my setup, but everything I've tried so far has been a dead end.

Jan K22:01:48

Maybe the clojurescript version is too recent and incompatible, if the demo works try downgrading to the version it uses


Thanks, @jkr.sw, I'll give it a shot


Yep, the demo project works, and downgrading ClojureScript fixes the compiler issue. Thanks.


There's another issue to chase down, but figwheel is building and the browser REPL is connecting again.