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FYI I'm back from vacation (been out for about 3 weeks). I'm easing back into work/code now but I should gradually become more responsive.

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Ben Sless14:01:23

This might be a big question, but anything you can share regarding meander's roadmap?


Right now the future of the project depends on having at least one other active participant working on the code from a common starting point on zeta. Though I've had of help from folks in the channel on various things, most of the serious implementation work has been done by me. This is unsustainable as I have a job, a family, and other interests. Though I realize that I am under no obligation to be a servant, people value the project and it requires maintenance. When I am unable to maintain the project, it suffers. I have been working on the project privately for a couple hours each week experimenting with different ideas but I have the main idea figured out. Those ideas are in code but need to be translated into a document, tickets, etc.


Send me a DM with some available time to meet up on Zoom/Hangouts/Discord/Webex and I'll consider that and application. 🙂