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Aurélien Bottazini14:01:17

👋 So some time ago, I finally took some time to figure out what was happening with an exception thrown by cursive. Context is: sometimes I work on JS projects where there is no clojure code. The node_modules still get parsed by cursive. And I get errors like that:

Aurélien Bottazini14:01:09

It took me some time to realise that cursive was not really at fault. It’s just that the JS library in question is malformed and has most certainly a bug

Aurélien Bottazini14:01:22

The way i “solve” (= make sure cursive does not throws an exception anymore) is by overriding the file type to plain text:

Aurélien Bottazini14:01:06

Works for me because i don’t care that this nested node_module dependency is not analyzed by Intellij.

Aurélien Bottazini14:01:47

I think a note in the troubleshooting section of cursive’s user guide would be helpful to others 😉

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