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Neanderthal 0.40.0 has just been released! High speed vectors and matrices on CPU and GPU. Two books available that teach both theory and practice. Lots of code inside!

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Babashka 0.3.0: finally a binary available on linux aarch64! This means you can now have fast Clojure scripting on Raspberry Pi (64bit)! 🎉 I will send free babashka stickers* to those who will post a photo of bb running on their aarch64 device (Raspberry Pi4, Chromebook, ...) on Twitter. Show the output of uname -m along with bb -e '(println :hello :world)'. Use the hashtag #babashka *) until I run out Special thanks to #circleci

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The next ninja tool is now available - ninja.platform/javac v0.0.1. It is a Clojure library for compiling Java source code.

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looks nice! what would be the elevator pitch vs. Leiningen's javac?


@U45T93RA6 lein javac doesn’t work with deps.edn

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