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Hey, I’m having an issue similar to • I’m running clj -A:dev where :dev is -m shadow.cljs.devtools.cli watch app worker • I connect with Chlorine: Connect Socket Repl and can then eval code in .clj files • I run Chlorine: Connect Embedded, but nothing happens. No error message in my terminal, REPL panel, atom dev tools. • With a .cljs file open, when running Chlorine: Evaluate Block or any other eval-commands, nothing happens. No error messages, no feedback. I’m not quite sure where to look to debug this. Would be grateful for any pointers.


Hi there. Right, I believe I know what's happening. Do you have the browser / node / whatever JS app you're developing open? If not, then the "Connect Embedded" will not connect. I think I forgot to add some error message 😞


(if you toggle "Enable experimental features" on Chlorine, you'll see the error happening)


@mauricio.szabo Does that mean you can evaluate Clojure into a Clojure REPL and ClojureScript into the embedded/browser/cljs REPL at the same time? (i.e., without having to switch connections)


Yes, exactly :)


And that would work with Figwheel Main too? Or is this somehow specific to Shadow?


I'm looking at figwheel support now, and prepl, after a long pause because of my job, but the ideia is to make it work with figwheel-main too


The last time I saw figwheel-main the socket repl support required piggieback, but maybe with prepl things can be different (or at least, I'm hoping so)


Well, my basic setup is a Socket REPL running in the JVM that Figwheel Main “happens to run in” and Clover can eval Clojure code into that just fine. It was the cljs side of the house I was asking about — and I wasn’t sure how Chlorine/Clover handled the “embedded” REPL