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Franco Gasperino17:03:49

Good morning. I'm new to the community and have a question regarding the use of :extra-main-files and the repl if anyone wishes to give a bit of advice

Franco Gasperino17:03:55

i've created an additional file + associated namespace in the project watch-dirs, added the appropriate :extra-main-files entry, and can see the endpoint at http://localhost:9500/figwheel-extra-main/<id> as the documentation indicates

Franco Gasperino17:03:43

however, i'm unable to access that namespace in the repl unless i require it into the :main entry point file. a => (in-ns 'my.additional.ns) followed by a simple eval of a test function in that namespace results in a TypeError: my.additional.ns is undefined

Franco Gasperino17:03:02

any tip to having the repl honor the :extra-mains-file build?

Franco Gasperino18:03:38

• Update - i believe i figured it out. The session focus needs to switch. I was able to use the new namespace via repl in-ns by first opening the endpoint in the browser, refreshing, and then interacting with the namespace in the repl