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it looks like we may be good to release this week


the sporadic REPL breakage was because of some subtle tweaks in GCL


standard REPLs seem fine - and minor changes were required for Ambly and Krell


quite possible other REPLs aren't affected


looking into the CI issues


There was some discussion previously about BigInt support (perhaps extending some of the experimental stuff done in I'm going to put together some notes regarding a more expansive design to add a numeric tower to ClojureScript that mimics Clojure's (for example, including ratios and other things).

Sam Ritchie16:03:17

Yup, Ratio, BigInt, and the goog numbers are all covered if you want to talk, @mfikes


Oh, nice. I'll take a look at that. 🙂

Sam Ritchie16:03:05

numbers.cljc, value.cljc, ratio.cljc


Hah. It would be interesting to have complex number support in the Clojure tower. 🙂

pizzaspin 6
Sam Ritchie16:03:47

I was going to say, for bonus points :):)


And then a sqrt core function so (sqrt -1) returns one

Sam Ritchie16:03:18

Quaternions coming to Clojure 1.12

Sam Ritchie16:03:19

@mfikes I’m very happy to do an extensively annotated version of those namespaces for or with you, to explain why I had to add each non obvious piece


That's cool. I'll probably just read through it at some point.

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@mkvlr @sritchie09 we'll definitely take a look - but @mfikes is looking into something integrated into the compiler etc. + the runtime stuff


it's gonna be a long-ish project

Sam Ritchie23:03:11

yes, of course this makes sense. I should have said I’ve stared at this a bit and am happy to help with the effort, if there’s some way to do it


@dnolen no rush, didn’t expect it to be a small thing. In the short term: let us know when we should give master another try, our CI was green with