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Morning, I'm playing a bit with asami-loom with the last asami version, but the example on the fails... is asami-loom a bit behind of asami?


@U052TDWT7 would you be able to file an issue on Github for this please? I can probably take some time to work on it immediately, but it’ll look better for me if someone else asked for it! 🙂


@U051N6TTC sure, thanks.

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Done, let me know if you need any other detail.


No, it’s more about the fact that it looks good for my boss if there was a ticket on it 🙂


I’ve found the issue. It’s because I updated additions to the graph to require a transaction number. So I’m going to add a dynamic var to provide a default TX id, and re-introduce the old API call. This will need a new alpha release, which is a day or 2 away (unless you want to pull from main 🙂)


I’m also going to need to extend the Durable graph type to the Loom protocols. But at a first cut I’ll get the in-memory ones going again


No hurry, thank you! ☺️


It is. I don’t know what’s fallen behind, but I can try to catch it up soon if you still want to look at it?


(Some APIs changed, but most things should still be in place)