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I just released 🎉 Watch the video for some of the highlights and is available for a complete changelog.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:03:01

Clojure CLI is now available! • git deps: switch from using jgit to shelling out to git (must be git >= 2.5) - big thanks to @ghadi for all the initial work on this! ◦ New env vars for control: ▪︎ GITLIBS_COMMAND - command to invoke when shelling out to git, default = git ▪︎ GITLIBS_DEBUG - set to true to print git commands and output to stderr, default = false • Made git fetch only when shas can’t be resolved to improve performance • Bump dep versions for tools.cli and aws api to latest (in particular, moves transitive jetty deps to latest, past a CVE) • Use 0.11.905 In general, this should resolve a large set of differences between using git deps through clj vs git at the command line, since they are now the same. Some additional benefits include a smaller deps footprint, and better performance.

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Hey Alex, do you know when the official docker images will get updated by any chance?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:03:50

No, I don’t have any connection to those


Thanks anyway, I'll try to find out who to nag, then 🙂


I managed to find that out only to be advised that this version is still listed as pre-release at Is that still accurate? It doesn't seem like it's a pre-release from your announcement

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:03:44

nope, I just forgot to update that, will do


Thanks a million!