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Iā€™m happy to announce a release of Fulcro that includes an often-requested feature: Better interop with, well, everything (raw React, Reagent, Reframe, name your react library of choice). This means you can now use Fulcro to control your full-stack story without having to rewrite your entire app to do so. Adopt it for transaction/network/state processing where you want that leverage. The work is in-progress, but I think the additions (which so far are only about 170 lines of code) allow Fulcro 3.4.20 to be easily embedded anywhere (and in any number of places at once) in the UI tree of any React app. This support leverages React Hooks, and you can see a very simple example of it being used in a workspaces card here: The implementation is in an alpha namespace (, and will be integrated into the main library as soon as it is widely tested and refined.

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