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Announcing defcash, a wee library providing defn syntax with core.memoize behaviors controlled via metadata.

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core.async 1.1.587 is now available - adds missing :require-macros to the new promise interop, which is now doc'ed here

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I wrote a program that lets users use gamepads as mouse and keyboard. By using combinations of analogs and buttons.

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Just published Chlorine v0.5.0. Chlorine is, and it will always be, a package for Atom that connects to a Socket REPL. But, this version also adds support for nREPL. The reason is simple: it was not hard to add support for nREPL, and by doing it it removes a lot of friction of new users that come from lein, for example. It also adds a little support for HyREPL and Ogion (Racket implementation of nREPL). Discussions on #chlorine πŸ™‚

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