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Neanderthal 0.29.0 has just been released! The fast Clojure matrix and linear algebra library.

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Clash update 1.5.1 "data shape" supports regex matching frequencies for values (int/text/decimale/etc)

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Announcing the #exercism channel is a generous and well thought through way to help bringing more and better programmers to the world, by facilitating their journeys with encouraging mentorship. As Clojurians we are extra concerned with the journey of someone picking up Clojure. The way Exercism works is labour intensive, albeit with high leverage. For someone attending the track it is a series of 1:1 mentorships, focused bursts of personal development. We (some concerned Clojure land citizens) think it is important that we can find and keep a sustainable way to provide delightful and productive onboarding for newcomers to Clojure, as well as for people already familiar, and considering taking a deep dive. Therefore we invite you to join the newly created #exercism channel: A place where mentors and students gather and discuss everything from how the Clojure Track can continue to serve the community, to how to tackle this or that exercise. We also use it to coordinate the tasks of helping students along the track in a timely manner. Personally I belong to the latter group mentioned there. Clojure has grown on me, and inch by inch, it, and you all in this community, have nudged me to a decision to switch careers, to really go for programming. That insight happened to find me in full about the same time as I got aware about Exercism. I don't know how to put words on how well it has suited me. My mentors helped me grok crucial aspects of Clojure, aspects that my imperative infested mind had problems letting in. I am not where I feel I can mentor others at the level Excerism calls for. But I hope to get there, and I hope to encourage all of you out there, who I know would be great mentors, to join the #exercism channel and to consider taking up mentorship.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:03:48

core.async 1.1.582 is now available (mainly cljs changes) • Bumped deps - clojure 1.9, clojurescript, cljsbuild 1.1.7, tools.analyzer.jvm 1.0.0 • (CLJS) Fix inlining of let binding - thanks Kevin Downey! • (CLJS) Port CLJ exception handling fixes - thanks Kevin Downey! • (CLJS) Fix skip list for CLJS timers - thanks Daniel Sutton! • (CLJS) Fix full checking in fixed buffer - thanks Nguyen Tuan Anh! • (CLJS) Add js/Promise interop via core.async.interop - thanks Filipe Silva!

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