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Ben Hammond21:04:48

I am trying to hook pedestal up to auth0 authentication using their `

com.auth0/mvc-auth-commons {:mvn/version "1.2.0"}
client library, and it expects to use a SessionManager to store nonce, etc whilst awaiting the authentication to return Vanilla pedestal throws me a
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No SessionManager
	at org.eclipse.jetty.server.Request.getSession(
Is there any received wisdom around Session Managers or Auth0 in Pedestal? should I just apply and hope for the best?

Ben Hammond22:04:16

which is passing a (SessionHandler)null to the ServletContextHandler

Ben Hammond22:04:18

but perhaps I get the chance to reshape that context a few lines further down at

(when context-configurator
  (context-configurator context))

Ben Hammond22:04:56

I might be able to abuse the options

      (fn [^ServletContextHandler sch]
          (set! (.-_options sch) ServletContextHandler/SESSIONS)

Ben Hammond22:04:27

although (set! (.-_options is looking a bit hacky...

Ben Hammond22:04:59

 (fn [^ServletContextHandler sch]
     (.insertHandler sch (SessionHandler.))
seems to do the trick though