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Filipe Silva09:04:58

I'm not sure who I should ping about the closurescript site, but the interop patch also included docs

Filipe Silva09:04:45

@dnolen @alexmiller could this be merged as well?


ehm that cljs.core.async.interop CLJS ns is missing the :require-macros for itself. makes it kinda annoying to use.

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@thheller hrm weird that it seems the tests passed w/o that, thanks adding now

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Filipe Silva13:04:44

must have been because the tests used :refer-macros

Filipe Silva13:04:45

(ns cljs.core.async.interop-tests
  (:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go]])
  (:require [cljs.core.async :refer [<!]]
            [cljs.core.async.interop :refer [p->c] :refer-macros [<p!]]
            [cljs.test :refer-macros [deftest is async]]))

Filipe Silva13:04:49

sorry about that 😐


@alexmiller would need another bump w/ the change I just pushed

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:04:05

core.async 1.1.587 is working its way through maven

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:04:50

also, I applied a pre block scroll css fix that we added recently on the clojure site so some of that stuff looks better

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Filipe Silva13:04:51

very excited to see my contribution there 😄 (even though it was mostly copy paste of David's code)

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this is great! Thanks all!

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:04:28

still waiting on maven - at the end of the month they have some big batch stats job that always slows things down for a few days


With ClojureScript master and a downstream re-natal-based project I get "Cannot use default debug loader outside of HTML documents." I'm going on the assumption that this is not a ClojureScript problem but instead re-natal (or Figwheel) would need to be updated for the latest Closure stuff. (Planning on logging a downstream ticket if I can get a clean repro there.)


@kommen hey I've added :target-fn to master to allow custom bootstrapping code for :none mode


@mfikes re: re-natal that might be easy to fix, the issue is that re-natal doesn't define CLOSURE_IMPORT_SCRIPT


rather it uses FIGWHEEL_IMPORT_SCRIPT which seems dubious, but maybe necessary for Figwheel to handle it's hot-reloading?


@dnolen ok, thanks. I’ll use that for graaljs