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Q: I’ve got a deps.edn project with git deps and then some :override-deps local roots in a local dev alias. I cannot figure out how to add/import a module for these override deps. Is this supported? I don’t really have a choice in this config due to the way Datomic Ion deploys support deps.


ah: I found that I can manually add a module, choosing the correct dir and undoing the changes made by the IDE after it was created. a bit hacky but it works


So you want to add a module from a local deps root, basically? You should be able to right-click it in the project pane and select “Add as deps project”, or use the + icon in the deps toolwindow and select the deps.edn manually.


yes: using the + icon from the deps window did work. and, naturally, I found the docs for this after you explained to me. thx