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Hello everyone. Got an issue with nrepl/drawbridge, if there is a better channel to post to, please let me know. Anyhow, I’ve got an app deployed to heroku (since 2.5 years) that I mainly administer with using drawbridge. The problem is, since yesterday leiningen no longer connects, it just hangs with the message

Connecting to nREPL at https:/user:/repl
I can see there is plenty of HTTP traffic to /repl all the time while it hangs… When I start the uberjar locally and try to connect with drawbridge all works fine. Do you have a pointer how to debug this?


Hmm, that’s pretty weird. There hasn’t been any recent drawbridge changes. Can you think of something you’ve changed in the app recently that might be related?


As for the debugging - I’m not sure what’s the best approach, but it’d simple enough to add some logging to drawbridge, build a local package and test with it.


Thank you. There where no changes on the app, but maybe Heroku made some changes - even though that is kind of unlikely, too. I guess I’ll try to build a local package with logging…