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well, a) I thought the latest cljs has it and b) at cursory glance it appears to be not that different than unrepl. Now granted lumo is currently stuck with a fairly old version of cljs but bringing it up to current and modifying one of these unrepl based tools to use prepl seems to be the path of least resistance to get a decent self hosted cljs targeting iDE at this point wouldn't you agree?


I might like to try to contribute to something like this but I don't want to start chipping thru the wall where it isn't the thinnest (but I don't know enough about it to know exactly where that is)


Well, prepl is just a socket REPL with an EDN output, so you can relatively easily modify any client for the socket REPL to work with it. I can’t speak about the changes needed for Lumo, as I’ve never used it.

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