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Hi everyone, I'm trying to delpoy a simple luminus app with +swagger +immutant to WildFly and i'm getting the error below when attempting to run the reitit.swagger-ui/create-swagger-ui-handle bit for one of my routes.... works "locally" with a lein run however. > ERROR [my-test.middleware.exception] (default task-1) No matching field found: isDirectory for class$ZipFileInflaterInputStream: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No matching field found: isDirectory for class$ZipFileInflaterInputStream Any ideas on how I may be able to work around this? thanks,


Hello. In the Luminus template, what is the best way to specify development and production keys? Is it by putting them in project.clj using env? I I'm inquisitive because there is also an env directory in the Luminus template, and using that might be a better way? But I'm not sure how to use the env directory to store my production and development keys. I couldn't find any documentation on that on the Luminus website especially because I'm using heroku for production. How will the production keys work then? There's a config.edn for development and production both. I suppose the environment variables go in that. But does that mean that I don't set the environment variables on heroku itself? Are there any drawbacks to doing that?


Should be from the mount library, I think the docs specify the precedents


Oh wait it’s cprops I’m thinking of


This has clues on the order. When you get use to it it’s really nice and offers a lot of flexibility


in any case, I tried this but it didn't work. {:foo "bar"} in config.edn and then using it like (:require [myapp.config :refer [env]]) and then (:foo env). Is this the correct usage of the environment variable?