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@adriansalgadoa hi! a bit late to the discussion I'm afraid 😅 I've been using Arcadia more seriously for the past few weeks (lots of free time, for better or worse...), and I can say it's been a very pleasant development experience. If you're interested I recommend you get started by watching a couple videos. The documentation on the wiki alone can be a bit difficult. • The first one (a series of videos) will help you get started from scratch. The second one is a talk more on the design aspects, but watching it helped me understand how the role and hook systems are meant to be used. As for editor support, I've been recently working on some improvements with the nREPL experience (documentation and autocompletion), so if you use an nREPL-based editor feel free to give the latest release a try!

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cool, thanks for all the info, appreciate it!

eccentric J20:04:23

This is awesome! I was really worried when MS first bought Github, but in so far they’ve been doing some pretty positive things. I kinda get how actions cuts a bit into CI business, but from what I’ve seen they’re pretty general compared to the quality of output you get from a full CI service like Circle.

Michael Thurmond16:04:00

Just out of curiosity, why do you see a lot of data science jobs using python? Would clojure be a suitable alternative for data science? Is it because python is easier to learn?


Python historically very popular in academia + mature eco system for data analysis and machine learning + easy to use/get started


The ecosystem so mature it breaks backwards compatibility like it's nothing.

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Michael Thurmond16:04:01

Thanks, but clojure could be an alternative?


It could be, like any other more or less sensible language really. Or if you mean whether one should use it instead of Python - depends on what one needs, I guess. I really doubt there's an analog in Clojure for every data science-related Python library out there.

Kelsey Sorrels16:04:54

I don't see any language supplanting Python unless its network effect can be co-opted.


I didn't find a math channel so I was going to make one, turns out someone already did and made it private... weird


weird. i would like to join that channel when you make it


#mathematics :)


From Rich's Design, Composition and Performance, I'm unable to get the youtube link to a performance by Carolina Eyck working. I might be transcribing the URL from the video wrong. Anyone know to which video he's referring?


The second character of v is l, not I.

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Thanks! I tried both capital i (`I`) and the number 1 ...


Don't forget about the pipe - |. :D


Try them all 😄