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Cris B01:04:12

For any other Zeal users here, I came across a user contrib ClojureDocs docset at . Very useful to have the examples handy. (Not precisely emacs-related, but I've seen mention of zeal-at-point here so some might be interested).


Btw, CIDER keeps a local copy of the ClojureDocs data, so it’s accessible from it as well.

Cris B01:04:14

Cool. I didn't know that. But of course it does! I forgot the universal 'emacs expands to take over everything' axiom. I used to laugh inwardly at people using emacs for mail, but somehow just found myself using mu4e yesterday.

Cris B03:04:36

Do you know what would cause (void-variable cider-docview-symbol) cider-docview-clojuredocs() when trying any of the cider-docview-* functions? I'm puzzled because my first attempt succeeded, but subsequently this error occurs.


nice to have examples for sure. (for installation, i picked out a url from the xml file, fetched the content, uncompressed, and placed the result in a folder that became apparent after rummaging around the preferences. do you know if there is a less manual method?)

Cris B03:04:31

There's a less manual method 😉 In Zeal: Tools -> Docsets -> "Installed" tab -> Add feed. Pop the url in there, and Zeal with fetch the docset & keep it updated.


ah, tyvm!