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David Pham20:04:10

I wondered if anyone had this issue: I am using tfjs-backend-wasm and it requires a wasm file. When I developping, shadow-cljs does not transfer the *.wasm file from the node_module directory. Anyone knows how to circumvent this behavior? Maybe I am doing something wrong.


shadow-cljs has no support for wasm at all. so totally expected that it doesn't copy wasm files.

David Pham22:04:00

Then do you think it would make sense to support the node modules that contains WASM files?


once there is a settled standard for wasm maybe. right now each toolchain produces their own variant of JS glue code and includes it differently


if they ever standardize it I will of course include support for it


until then it would be too much work for me to keep up with all the different ways people handle this


Hi, I'm running a shadow-cljs app, and getting the following error in my browser: WebSocket connection to '<ws://localhost:9631/ws/worker/app/d220add9-aa54-43e3-be71-b121ec13636f/e2fa1a2b-01cf-44e7-9bf0-c5db8cb75503/browser>' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED And the shadow-cljs has stopped reloading, and I don't know what's causing this. How do I even start to debug this, if there aren't any other errors in the console? (edited)  Well there's also this error: shadow-cljs: websocket error Event {isTrusted: true, type: "error", target: WebSocket, currentTarget: WebSocket, eventPhase: 2, …} bubbles: false cancelBubble: false cancelable: false composed: false currentTarget: WebSocket {url: "<ws://localhost:9631/ws/worker/app/d220add9-aa54-43>…636f/e2fa1a2b-01cf-44e7-9bf0-c5db8cb75503/browser", readyState: 3, bufferedAmount: 0, onopen: ƒ, onerror: ƒ, …} defaultPrevented: false eventPhase: 0 isTrusted: true path: [] returnValue: true srcElement: WebSocket {url: "<ws://localhost:9631/ws/worker/app/d220add9-aa54-43>…636f/e2fa1a2b-01cf-44e7-9bf0-c5db8cb75503/browser", readyState: 3, bufferedAmount: 0, onopen: ƒ, onerror: ƒ, …} target: WebSocket {url: "<ws://localhost:9631/ws/worker/app/d220add9-aa54-43>…636f/e2fa1a2b-01cf-44e7-9bf0-c5db8cb75503/browser", readyState: 3, bufferedAmount: 0, onopen: ƒ, onerror: ƒ, …} timeStamp: 147976.1250000156 type: "error" proto__: Event


net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED means the browser failed to connect to localhost:9631


that is not the standard port. so that means there was something else listening on 9630?


could also be your firewall blocking access or your OS having other issues causing it to fail

David Pham08:04:47

Or maybe two shadow-CLJS processes?


yeah could just be 2 different shadow-cljs processes interfering with each other


@pshar10 is your watch running?


yes the watch is running.

David Pham22:04:16

Do you have a copy of your build file?

Pavel Klavík23:04:40

Hi, when I build my project in watch mode, everything works fine. But when I build it in release, the compilation works and I get the following error on the start:

shared.js:180 shadow-cljs - failed to load 7
LB @ shared.js:180
shadow$provide.<computed> @ main.js:18
LB @ shared.js:180
$APP.Ho @ shared.js:180
(anonymous) @ main.js:3198
(anonymous) @ main.js:4036
shared.js:180 shadow-cljs - failed to load 11
LB @ shared.js:180
$APP.Ho @ shared.js:180
(anonymous) @ main.js:3198
(anonymous) @ main.js:4036
shared.js:180 Uncaught TypeError: $jscomp.initSymbol is not a function
    at Object.shadow$provide.<computed> (main.js:9)
    at LB (shared.js:180)
    at Object.shadow$provide.<computed> (main.js:18)
    at LB (shared.js:180)
    at Object.$APP.Ho (shared.js:180)
    at main.js:3198
    at main.js:4036
Any idea what could be causing this??

Pavel Klavík23:04:32

We have added some npm dependencies, so this could be causing this?

Pavel Klavík23:04:06

Problem persists when I upgraded to Shadow-cljs 2.8.95.