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@niwinz it's hard for me understand that issue - the comments seem to say suggest there is a workaround?


That issue was reported a long time ago, i try to have time to check it aggain on the current cljs compiler. In any case, for complete reproducible steps, look at the referenced issue: , the CLJS-2399 is a regression.


@niwinz let's not use threads thanks - what I mean is that issue just has irrelevant information, and too much information - so I can't really understand it nor want to spend a lot of time to understand it if it can be made clearer first


first, let's not talk about other versions in that ticket - only master


second, we have test cases for ES6 modules - what's the difference between this ticket and the fact that the ES6 test has always passed


then when I look at I can have some idea of what's going on


as i have said, this issue is too old, on the past I have had many problems using ES6 modules declared on deps.cljs (take care that the same code but using :foreign-libs on the compiler options directly was working correctly)


I try to take some time and check it again with the current master


and i ping you with any result 😄


yes I understand, the ES6 modules stuff doesn't get that much usage so I'm not surprised there are issues


but it would be nice to separate these issus into distinct simple cases that we can go through one by one


and again the ticket needs to be reconciled w/ the fact that the tests work - if you don't have time for that - at least capture that bit in the issue


i think the ticked is pretty clear with a very simple reproducible case (as said, was reproducible in the time of creating the ticket)


just because a ticket has reproducible case doesn't mean I'm going to look at


people report all kinds of tickets with reproducible cases that there just isn't enough information to consider


the repro is necessary but it isn't sufficient for a ticket that's straightforward to assess


anyways more work has to be spent on that ticket before I'm personally going to spend time on it - also anybody else can attempt to add more information or cleanup that ticket


@niwinz I'm not suggesting it has to be you


also @niwinz note the comment - Bobby Calderwood appeared to have a solution - does that or does that not work for you?


if that does work for you then I can know that the fix is easy


if doesn't work for you then we know we need more information


I removed all the unnecessary information from the ticket


and called explicitly in the ticket is a reported regression


i understand, but i don't have time to look inside the compiler. My main use case for this is being able to write some javascript and incluide it together with cljs in a library. I tried several times use the es6 and commonjs module transformations and it din't worked reliably; so I stick with the plain closure files (that are imporable directly in cljs like any other cljs namespace) or using the shadow-cljs facilities that works just out of the box


I understand - please try installing the missing NPM dep and see if that fixes your issue, if not say so in the ticket


then we don't lose this information when we actually have time to look at it closely