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@alexmiller I noticed t.d.a got updated with a fix for the prep lib directory issue -- and it looks like the CLI got updated too, to

fogus (Clojure Team)18:06:21

I don't know how current this resource is, but shows

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:06:48

It's a prerelease, waiting for feedback from the reporter

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:06:22

Stable is still 1124

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Cool. I was ready to vendor in 1124 but I've gone ahead and vendored in 1129 so we might catch any regression issues with it.

Drew Verlee19:06:54

the answer appears to be no. For one, boot is launching an Nrepl server.

Drew Verlee21:06:51

Running the command line tool e.g clj -X:blah results in an exception that compains about missing clojure spec alpha on the classpath. Exception in thread "main" Could not locate clojure/spec/alpha__init.class or clojure/spec/alpha.clj on classpath., compiling:(clojure/run/exec.clj:1:1) however, that dependency isn't in the clj deps. e.g if i run clj -Stree i don't see it.

hiredman21:06:58 is an internal thing the cli tools use to implement -X


I would not be surprised if it failed like that when used with a version of clojure that predates spec being a dep of clojure

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Drew Verlee21:06:24

yep, that makes sense, checking...

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:06:40

Yeah, -X requires at least 1.9