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Excellent conference! The Clojure community is really special. Very very cool people and this conference is fantastic. It continues to exceed expectations. The venue and organization is truly top notch πŸ‘:skin-tone-5:πŸ™Œ:skin-tone-5:πŸ‘:skin-tone-5:.

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Thanks @plexus for such a well prepared workshop about hacking Minecraft. It felt great to be able to manipulate the world from the repl and have all those examples you had created there at my fingertips. I played with it some more when I came home and my youngest daughter got curious when she heard familiar tunes from my computer. We hacked together for almost two hours. She could answer all my domain question and had tons of tips and ideas about what we could try. (She loved the undo! function.) Blending lava and water creates some kind of stone that floats in the air, btw.

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lol @ 'she could answer all my domain questions'

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And then some!


I feel you, @U0ETXRFEW. My 8-year-old is permanently giving me domain answers even for questions i never asked πŸ˜‚

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πŸ‘‹:skin-tone-3: Berlin


Thanks @ramart and @wichtrup for organising the conference. It was wonderful and great to meet you again and so many other fabulous Clojurians in person, many for the first time 😘

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Thanks all, the conference was pure awesomeness. Fun facts: maybe just me, but the conference mug was caught by the x-ray machine at Berlin airport, triggering a large armed security officer to pull it out from the bag and reading out loud "let's talk about s-exp" πŸ˜†

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Sandra Wichtrup15:06:19

Best clojure-spin community ❀️! Thank you all for such a special, inspiring and fun :clojureD 2022! That was a blast! YOU rock! :the_horns: It was an absolute pleasure to organize another :clojureD for you and to see you all! I'm so glad and relieved that you enjoyed the summer edition! :beach_with_umbrella: (And that the weather cooperated, phew). Thank you so much for your thanks :woman-bowing:πŸ™ƒ πŸŽ₯ are in progress, but it's going to take a little while. :camera_with_flash: will follow soon. 😘From the postproduction :i_love_you_hand_sign:

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Big hugs to @wichtrup and @ramart! πŸ™Œ The conference was amazing! Thank you so much for bringing us all together clojure-spin❀️

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