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What version of the Postgresql driver does the latest onprem transactor use? I’m having trouble connecting the transactor to a Postgres 14 instance: “PSQLException: The authentication type 10 is not supported”. I’m no postgres expert, but I think that this means that the client (the transactor) isn’t capable of scram-sha-256 authentication, is that correct?

Ivar Refsdal11:06:05

Version 9.3-1102 as far as I can tell:

$ unzip -l | grep postgresql
   592322  2022-04-01 21:54   datomic-pro-1.0.6397/lib/postgresql-9.3-1102-jdbc41.jar


Right, thanks 👍


I ended up using md5 passwords in postgres and got things working


But it would be nice to be able to use scram

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you can swap out the driver for the latest one

Joe Lane12:06:16

@U9MKYDN4Q JohnJ is right, you can swap the driver for a newer one. If you are using the PG Setup script packaged w/ Datomic and targeting Postgres 14 you may need to modify it. IIRC there was a change made in Postgres 14 which our script hasn't yet been updated for. If you're aware of using scram-sha-256 auth I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to modify the script to accomplish your needs. Hope that helps


Thanks! I ended up changing the password mechanism in psql, which was the least effort at this point 🙂

Joe Lane12:06:12

please reach out if you have other questions, have fun!