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Greg Fragin03:06:30

Hi I'm Greg, founder of Loop ( new to Clojure but completely intrigued and excited to learn happy to help with questions about legal structures, capital raise and productivity

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Hello, I have been using Clojure for 2.5 years and really enjoy functional programming. I used Clojure as my first job language so I never had the OOP struggle aside from school project, lucky me! I mainly used Clojure so far to create card games/tournament back end libraries to be used in Unity (after compiling with the compiler). I am in touch with Ramsey Nasser to improve the compiler performance and usability (along with the tool and I also recently learn the basics of ClojureScript with the stack: Reagent- reitit (frontend only) - hiccup - figwheel My github: Nice to meet you all!

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