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I'm wondering whether neil dep add ... should return an error if the library is not found on clojars / maven - rather than silently insert :mvn/version nil in deps.edn. I just ran neil dep add nextjournal/clerk. No errors, but what :mvn/version nil in deps.edn. Another option is adding fallback - clojars -> maven -> git (similar to :latest-sha behavior). Running neil dep add nextjournal/clerk :latest-sha caused the effect I wanted. :thinking_face:


Realized that I meant to post this in #babashka. Well, now we have an even better channel!


yes, I think it should error or fall back. Perhaps we should create a neil channel Done: #babashka-neil

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Jan K13:06:04

So nbb is kinda like lumo? Is there some big difference? Since Lumo is not maintained anymore it's nice to see a replacement


@jkr.sw It's similar in that they both target Node.js, but some main differences are: ā€¢ nbb is just an npm library which runs with the Node.js you already have installed, lumo required its own customized Node.js version for startup time reasons ā€¢ macros are more similar to Clojure JVM (can be defined in .cljs files without surprises) ā€¢ lumo is based on self-hosted ClojureScript compiler and in nbb clojure is evaluated using SCI (interpreter) which supports a large subset of Clojure, but not all of it ā€¢ nbb supports loading ES6 modules, lumo doesn't

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Looking forward to the next cool thing you build with #nbb! Maybe a slackbot or a voice assistant? šŸ˜›


I think other people have done such things already


Cool. If you come across links for either of those, feel free to share as it would be fun to build those type of apps


@UUSQUGUF3 might have built something like that

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Chris McCormick01:06:38

I have a Discord bot on a private repo. Will think about how to contribute it back as an example. :thinking_face:

Chris McCormick01:06:57

It's actually super trivial to post to Discord using a webhook.

Chris McCormick01:06:48

(def discord-webhook-url (env-required "DISCORD_WEBHOOK"))

(defn send-discord-message [msg]
  (let [content {:username "Friendly Bot"
                 :avatar_url "https://..../robot.jpg"
                 :content msg}]
    (fetch discord-webhook-url
           (clj->js {:method :POST
                     :headers {:content-type "application/json"}
                     :body (js/JSON.stringify (clj->js content))}))))

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