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Let's say I have a microservice, which has it's own postgres` database. Why would I want to use pgbouncer before reaching postgres instead of just relying on HikariCP in my application?


It would make more sense if I have a big postgres database that a lot of applications connects to. But in this case.. i dont know


If using pgbouncer pools are also shared across service-instances but I am still unsure.


you might find yourself quickly growing from 1 instance of your microservice to 10 and eventually postgres will run out of connections


or you might want to syncrhonous switching of db host from a to b ...


but for now i'm actually in your camp, for a big set of services i use direct connection pools instead of pgbouncer on the side ...

Roger Amorin Vieira12:06:45

@seancorfield Its a library that I'm using to simplify the SQL. When I had started with Clojure "jdbc.sql" was the first sql library that I founded. Do you have a better library for that?


@U26FJ5FDM no he's asking about a DSL to generate SQL to use with


@UJWU8FW3A use HoneySQL instead of java-jdbc.sql.sql (I think the readme says that?)


From the readme "Projects like HoneySQL and SQLingvo are always going to be better DSLs"