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Drew Verlee22:09:10

anyone know of a search buffer like helm-ag only where i can annotate around the search results/links.

Drew Verlee22:09:29

often times i have have to go through all items in a search and remember something about all of them... i guess i could add the notes directly to the files.

Drew Verlee22:09:36

that might be the easier thing...


What a fun question.


In evil mode the key sequence would be: • SPC / to initiate the search • type your query • C-; to invoke Embark • E to invoke embark-export That would give you a buffer with the search results. You could then write that to disk. Might need to manually invoke grep-mode when you open it again to make the links work.

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Cora (she/her)01:09:27

ivy-occur is pretty awesome and I think fits the problem you're describing

Cora (she/her)01:09:07

apparently you can save the results of helm-ag using C-x C-s (according to reddit)

Drew Verlee02:09:04

Thanks @U050CT4HR and @U02N27RK69K I'll have to take a look at ivy-occur and embark. I have been using helm-ag as part of my spacemacs setup. And i recently figured out how to save the search results. But it would be cool to add some information to the list without losing the links. Like i said, i guess i can just add it directly to the file and remove the notes before doing a git commit. I'll try just doing that for a bit and see if i need to look into some other way.